Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And dost thou open thine eyes upon such an one, and bringest me into judgment with thee?

Bible References

And dost

Job 7:17
What is man that thou wilt magnify him? and that thou wilt set thy heart to him?
Job 13:25
Wilt thou terrify the scattered leaf? and wilt thou pursue the dry straw?
Psalm 144:3
O Jehovah, what is man and thou wilt know him? the son of man, and thou wilt reckon him?


Job 9:19
If for strength, behold him strong: if for judgment, who shall arraign me
Job 13:27
And thou wilt set my feet in the stocks, and thou wilt watch all my paths; thou wilt dig round the roots of my feet
Psalm 143:2
And thou wilt not come into judgment with thy servant, for all living shall not be justified before thee.
Romans 3:19
And we know that whatever says the law, it speaks to them in the law: that every mouth be shut, and all the world be culpable to God.