Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


For he stretcheth out his hand against God, and strengtheneth himself against the Almighty.

General references

Bible References

He stretcheth

Leviticus 26:23
And, if, by these things, ye will not be corrected by me, - But will go in opposition to me,
Psalm 73:9
They have set, in the heavens, their mouth, And, their tongue, marcheth through the earth.
Isaiah 27:4
Fury, have I none, - Oh that there were delivered to me briars and thorns, in battle! I would march in among them I would set fire to them one and all.
Daniel 5:23
but, against the Lord of the heavens, hast uplifted thyself, and, the vessels of his house, have they brought before thee, and, thou, and thy nobles, thy wives and thy concubines, have been drinking, wine, therein, and, gods of silver and gold, of bronze, iron, wood and stone, which see not nor hear nor know, hast thou praised, - whereas, God, in whose hand thy breath is and whose are all thy ways, him, hast thou not glorified.
Malachi 3:13
Stout against me, have been your words, saith Yahweh, - and yet ye say, What have we spoken, one to another, against thee?
Acts 9:5
And he said - Who art thou, Lord? And, he, said - I, am Jesus, whom, thou, art persecuting!
Acts 12:1
Now, in the course of that season, Herod the king thrust forth his hands to harm some of them of the assembly, -


Job 9:4
Wise in heart, and alert in vigour, What man hath hardened himself against him, and prospered!
Job 40:9
But if, an arm like GOD, thou hast, and, with a voice like his, thou canst thunder,
Exodus 5:2
Then said Pharaoh, Who is Yahweh that I should hearken to his voice, to let Israel go? I know not Yahweh, and certainly. Israel, will I not let go!
Exodus 9:17
Even yet, art thou exalting thyself over my people - in not letting them go?
1 Samuel 4:7
And the Philistines were afraid, for they said - God hath come into the camp. And they said - Woe to us! for there hath not happened the like of this, heretofore.
1 Samuel 6:6
Wherefore, then, should ye make your heart dull, as the Egyptians and Pharaoh made their heart dull! When he had done his great doings upon them, did they not let them go, and they departed?
Psalm 52:7
Lo! the man who made not God his refuge, - But trusted in the abundance of his riches, Emboldened himself in his wealth!
Isaiah 8:9
Rage, O ye peoples, - and be overthrown, And give ear, all ye distant parts of the earth, - Gird yourselves and be overthrown, Gird yourselves, and be overthrown:
Isaiah 10:12
Wherefore it shall come to pass - When My Lord shall finish his whole work upon Mount Zion and upon Jerusalem, I will bring punishment - Upon the fruit of the greatness of heart of the king of Assyria. And upon the vainglory of his uplifted eyes,
Isaiah 41:4
Who hath wrought and performed, Calling the generations, in advance? I, Yahweh, who am First, And with them who are last, I, am the Same!

General references

Exodus 9:17
Even yet, art thou exalting thyself over my people - in not letting them go?
Judges 20:14
Then did the sons of Benjamin gather themselves together out of the cities, unto Gibeah, - to go forth to battle against the sons of Israel.
John 12:10
But the High-priests took counsel, that Lazarus also, they might put to death;