Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


The righteous also shall hold on his way, and he that hath clean hands shall be stronger and stronger.

Be stronger and stronger

Bible References

Hold on

Psalm 84:7
They go from strength to strength, Each one appeareth before God in Zion.
Proverbs 4:18
But, the path of the righteous, is as the light of dawn, - going on and brightening, unto meridian day.
Proverbs 14:16
A wise man, feareth, and avoideth evil, but, a dullard, is haughty and confident.
Isaiah 35:8
And there shall be there, a raised way - even a high road, And the Highroad of Holiness, shall it be called, There shall not pass over it one who is unclean; But He Himself, shall be one of them travelling the road, And the perverse, shall not stray thereinto .
1 Peter 1:5
who, in God's power, are being guarded through faith unto salvation - ready to be revealed in the last ripe time:
1 John 2:19
From among us, they went out, but they were not of us; for, if, of us, they had been, they would in that case have abode with us; but it came to pass in order that they might be made manifest, because, all, are not of us.


Genesis 20:5
Had not, he himself, said to me, My sister, is she? and even she herself, said, My brother, is he? In the integrity of my heart and in the pureness of my hand, have I done this!
Psalm 24:4
The clean of hands, and pure of heart, - who hath not uplifted, to falsehood, his soul, nor sworn deceitfully,
Psalm 26:6
I will bathe, in pureness, my hands, - so will I go in procession around thine altar, O Yahweh;
Psalm 73:13
Altogether in vain, Have I cleansed my heart, And bathed in pureness, my hands;
Isaiah 1:15
Even when ye spread forth your open palms, I hide mine eyes from you; Yea, though ye multiply prayers, I am not hearkening, - Your hands, with deeds of blood, are filled.
Mark 7:2
and, observing certain of his disciples, that, with defiled hands, that is unwashed, they are eating bread, - -

Be stronger and stronger

Isaiah 40:29
Giving to him that fainteth, strength, And to him that hath no vigour, he causeth, power to abound?
2 Corinthians 12:9
And at once he said unto me - Sufficient for thee, is my favour, for, my power, in weakness, is made complete. Most gladly, therefore, will I rather boast in my weaknesses, that the power of Christ may spread a tent over me.