Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Why do ye persecute me as God, and are not satisfied with my flesh?

Bible References


Job 10:16
When it is lifted up, like a howling lion, thou dost hunt me, Then again thou dost shew thyself marvellous against me.
Job 16:13
His archers came round against me, He clave asunder my reins, and spared not, He poured out, on the earth, my gall:
Psalm 69:26
For, whom, thou thyself, hadst smitten, they pursued, And, unto the pain of thy wounded ones, they must needs add.

And are not

Job 2:5
In very deed, put forth, I pray thee thy hand, and smite unto his bone, and unto his flesh, - verily, unto thy face, will he curse thee.
Job 31:31
If the men of my household have not said, Oh for some of his flesh - we cannot get filled,
Isaiah 51:23
But I will put it into the hand of thy tormentors, Who said to thy soul, Bow down thus we may pass over, - And so thou didst place as the ground, thy back, Yea as the street to such as were passing along.
Micah 3:3
Who indeed have eaten the flesh of my people, and, their skin from off them, have stript, and, their bones, have they broken in pieces, - and will spread them out, as flesh with a fork, and as flesh, in the midst of a pot.