Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Yet he filled their houses with good things: but the counsel of the wicked is far from me.

The counsel

Bible References

He filled

Job 12:6
At peace are the tents that belong to the spoilers, and there is security to them who provoke GOD, To him who bringeth a god in his hand.
1 Samuel 2:7
Yahweh, maketh poor, and enricheth, - Layeth low, yea exalteth;
Psalm 17:14
From men who are thy hand, O Yahweh, From the men of this age, whose portion, is among the living, and, with thy treasure, thou fillest their bosom, - They must be satisfied with sons, And must leave their abundance to their children: -
Jeremiah 12:2
Thou didst plant them, yea they took root, They have gone on yea they have borne fruit, - Near, art thou, in their mouth, But far off from their affections,
Acts 14:17
Although, not without witness, he left himself, doing good, from heaven, upon you, giving rain and fruitful seasons, filling, with food and gladness, your hearts.
Acts 15:16
After these things, will I return, and will rebuild the tent of David that hath fallen, and, the ruins thereof, will I rebuild, and will set it up again:

The counsel

Job 21:16
Lo! not in their own hand, is their welfare, The counsel of lawless men, is far from me!
Psalm 1:1
How happy the man, who hath not walked in the counsel of the lawless, - and, in the way of sinners, hath not stood, and, in the seat of scoffers, hath not sat;