Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


They drive away the ass of the fatherless, they take the widow's ox for a pledge.

General references

Bible References


Job 22:6
For thou hast taken pledges of thy brother for nought, And stripped the naked of their clothing.
Job 31:16
If I have withheld the poor from their desire, Or have caused the eyes of the widow to fail,
Deuteronomy 24:6
No man shall take the mill or the upper millstone to pledge; for he taketh a man's life to pledge.
1 Samuel 12:3
Here I am: witness against me before Jehovah, and before his anointed: whose ox have I taken? or whose ass have I taken? or whom have I defrauded? whom have I oppressed? or of whose hand have I taken a ransom to blind mine eyes therewith? and I will restore it you.

General references

Deuteronomy 24:12
And if he be a poor man, thou shalt not sleep with his pledge;
Proverbs 1:13
We shall find all precious substance; We shall fill our houses with spoil;

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