1 Though there is, for silver, a vein, and a place for the gold they refine; 2 Iron, out of the ore, is taken, and, stone, poureth out copper; 3 An end, hath one set to the darkness, and, into every extremity, is, he, making search, for the stone of darkness and death-shade; 4 He hath sunken a shaft, away from the inhabitants; Places forsaken by the foot, they hang down, away from men, sway to and fro; 5 As for the earth, out of it, cometh forth bread, and, under it, is upturned, as it were fire; 6 The place of sapphires, are the stones thereof, and it hath, nuggets of gold: - 7 A path, the vulture hath not discerned, nor hath the eye of the hawk scanned it; 8 Ravenous beasts have not made a track thereof, neither hath the lion marched thereon: 9 Upon the flint, hath he thrust forth his hand, He hath turned up mountains by the roots; 10 Among the rocks, hath he cut open streams, and, every precious thing, hath his eye seen: 11 From trickling, he restraineth, rivers, and, some hidden thing, is he bringing out to light.
12 Yet where can, Wisdom, be found? And where is the place of understanding? 13 Mortal knoweth not the way thereof, neither can it be found in the land of the living; 14 The resounding deep, hath said, It is not in me! And, the sea, hath said, It is not with me! 15 Pure gold cannot be given in its stead, neither can silver he weighed as the value thereof; 16 It cannot be put into the scales against the gold of Ophir, with costly onyx, or sapphire; 17 Neither gold nor crystal can compare with it, nor can, the exchange thereof, be a vessel of pure gold, 18 Coral or crystal, cannot be mentioned, Yea, a possession, is wisdom, above red coral; 19 The topaz of Ethiopia cannot compare with it, Against purest gold, can it not be weighed.
20 Whence then cometh, wisdom? And where is the place of understanding? 21 Seeing it hath been hid from the eyes of every living thing, and, from the bird of the heavens, hath it been concealed? 22 Destruction and death, have said, With our ears, have we heard the report thereof! 23 GOD, understandeth the way thereof, and, he, discerneth the place thereof; 24 For, he, unto the ends of the earth, directeth his look, under all the heavens, he seeth; 25 Making, for the wind, a weight, and, the waters, he proved by measure, 26 When he made, for the rain, a decree, and a way for the lightning of thunders, 27 Then, saw he it, and declared it, He settled it, yea also he searched it out; 28 And said to the son of earth, Lo! the reverence of the Lord, that, is wisdom, and, to avoid evil, is understanding.