1 Wilt thou draw out the crocodile with a hook and with a cord wilt thou press down his tongue? 2 Wilt thou put a rope in his nose? and wilt thou hollow out his jaw with a thorn? 3 Will he multiply supplications to thee? will he speak soft things to thee? 4 Will he cut out a covenant with thee? wilt thou take him for a servant forever? 5 Wilt thou play with him as a bird? and wilt thou bind him for thy maidens? 6 Shall companions give a feast upon him? shall they divide him between the Canaanites? 7 Wilt thou fill his skin with pointed weapons? and his head with fish spears? 8 Put thy hand upon him; remember the battle, thou shalt not add. 9 Behold, his hope was false: shall he not be cast down at his sight? 10 None fierce that he will rouse him up: and who is he will stand before me? 11 Who anticipated me, and I will recompense? under all the heavens it is to me.
12 I will not be silent for him, and the word of powers and the beauty of his preparation. 13 Who uncovered the face of his clothing? who shall come with his double bridle? 14 Who opened the doors of his face? his teeth a terror round about 15 Pride of strong shields shut up with a seal of straitness. 16 One shall touch upon another, and the wind shall not come between them. 17 They will adhere each in his brotherhood, they will hold together, and they will not be separated. 18 His sneezings a light will shine, and his eyes as the eyelashes of the dawning of day. 19 From his mouth flaming torches shall go forth; sparks of fire will escape. 20 From his nostrils srnoke will come forth as a blown pot, and a caldron. 21 His soul will kindle coals, and a flame will go forth from his mouth. 22 In his neck will lodge strength, and terror will leap before him. 23 The flaps of his flesh adhered: it will press upon him; it will not be moved. 24 His heart will press as a stone; and it will press as the under millstone. 25 His lifting up, the mighty will be stirred up: from breaking they shall purify themselves. 26 The sword reaching him, shall not be raised up: the spear, the dart, and the coat of mail. 27 He will reckon iron for straw, and brass for wood of rottenness 28 The son of the bow shall not cause him to flee: sling-stones were turned to him for stubble. 29 The bludgeon was reckoned to him for stubble: and he will laugh at the shaking of the javelin. 30 Sharpnesses of the potsherd under him: he will spread a trench upon the mire. 31 He will cause the deep to boil as a pot: he will set the sea as ointment 32 He will cause a beaten path to shine after him: the deep will be reckoned to be hoary. 33 None upon the dust being like him; he made him without fear. 34 He will see every thing high: he is king over all the sons of pride.