Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


He will not suffer me to take my breath, but filleth me with bitterness.

Bible References

Will not

Job 7:19
How long wilt thou not look away from me? Wilt thou not let me alone, till I can swallow my spittle?
Psalm 39:13
Look away from me that I may brighten up, Ere yet I depart and am no more.
Psalm 88:7
Upon me, hath rested thine indignation, And, with all thy breakers, hast thou caused affliction. Selah.
Lamentations 3:3
Surely, against me, doth he again and again, turn his hand all the day.

Filleth me

Job 3:20
Wherefore give, to the wretched, light? Or, life, to the embittered in soul? -
Lamentations 3:15
He hath sated me with bitter things, hath drenched me with wormwood.
Hebrews 12:11
But, no discipline, for the present, indeed, seemeth to be of joy, but of sorrow: afterwards, however - to them who thereby have been trained, it yieldeth peaceful fruit, of righteousness.