Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


This is one thing, therefore I said it, He destroyeth the perfect and the wicked.

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He destroyeth

Ecclesiastes 9:1
Certainly I applied my heart unto all of this that I might declare all of this: that the righteous and the wise and their works are in the hand of God; no man knows either love or hatred by all that passes before them.
Ezekiel 21:3
and thou shalt say to the land of Israel, Thus hath the LORD said: Behold, I am against thee, and will draw forth my sword out of its sheath and will cut off from thee the righteous and the wicked.
Luke 13:2
And Jesus, answering, said unto them, Think ye that these Galilaeans suffered such things because they were greater sinners than all the other Galilaeans?

General references

Job 9:29
If I am wicked, why then shall I toil in vain?