Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


The field is wasted, the land mourneth; for the corn is wasted: the new wine is dried up, the oil languisheth.

General references

Bible References


Joel 1:17
The seeds rot under their clods. The garners are laid desolate. The barns are broken down. For the grain is withered.
Leviticus 26:20
and your strength shall be spent in vain, for your land shall not yield its increase, nor shall the trees of the land yield their fruit.
Isaiah 24:3
The earth shall be utterly emptied, and utterly laid waste, for LORD has spoken this word.
Jeremiah 12:4
How long shall the land mourn, and the herbs of the whole country wither? For the wickedness of those who dwell therein, the beasts are consumed, and the birds, because they said, He shall not see our latter end.
Jeremiah 14:2
Judah mourns, and the gates thereof languish. They sit in black upon the ground, and the cry of Jerusalem has gone up.
Hosea 4:3
Therefore the land shall mourn, and everyone who dwells in it shall languish with the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens. Yea, the fishes of the sea shall also be taken away.

The new

Joel 1:5
Awake, ye drunkards, and weep, and wail, all ye drinkers of wine, because of the sweet wine, for it is cut off from your mouth.
Isaiah 24:11
There is a crying in the streets because of the wine. All joy is darkened. The mirth of the land is gone.
Jeremiah 48:33
And gladness and joy is taken away from the fruitful field and from the land of Moab. And I have caused wine to cease from the winepresses. None shall tread with shouting. The shouting shall be no shouting.
Hosea 9:2
The threshing floor and the winepress shall not feed them, and the new wine shall fail her.
Haggai 1:11
And I called for a drought upon the land, and upon the mountains, and upon the grain, and upon the new wine, and upon the oil, and upon that which the ground brings forth, and upon men, and upon cattle, and upon all the labor of th

General references

Isaiah 24:7
The new wine mourns. The vine languishes. All the merry-hearted do sigh.
Micah 6:15
Thou shall sow, but shall not reap, thou shall tread the olives, but shall not anoint thee with oil, and the vintage, but shall not drink the wine.