Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And I knew that thou hearest me always: but because of the people which stand by I said it, that they may believe that thou hast sent me.

General references

Bible References

I knew

John 11:22
And, now, I know, that, whatsoever thou shalt ask of God, God, will give unto thee.
John 8:29
And, he that sent me, is, with me: He hath not left me, alone. Because, I, the things that please him, ever do.
John 12:27
Now, is my soul troubled, - and what can I say? Father! save me from this hour? But, on this account, came I unto this hour. Father, glorify thy name!
Matthew 26:53
Or thinkest thou that I cannot call upon my Father, and he will set near me, even now, more than twelve legions of messengers?
Hebrews 5:7
Who, in the days of his flesh, having offered up, both supplications and entreaties unto him that was able to save him out of death, with mighty outcries and tears, and been hearkened to by reason of his devoutness,
Hebrews 7:25
Whence he is able, even to be saving unto the very end, them who approach, through him, unto God; Since he evermore liveth to be interceding in their behalf.


John 11:31
The Jews, therefore, who were with her in the house and consoling her, seeing Mary, that quickly she arose and went out, followed her, supposing that she was withdrawing unto the tomb, that she might weep there.
John 12:29
So, the multitude that was standing by, and heard it, were saying - It hath, thundered. Others, were saying - A messenger, unto him, hath spoken.

That thou

John 3:17
For God, sent not, his Son into the world, that he might judge the world, but, that the world might be saved through him.
John 6:38
Because I have come down from heaven, - Not that I should be doing my own will, but the will of him that sent me.
John 7:28
Jesus, therefore, cried aloud in the temple, teaching, and saying - Both me, ye know, and ye know whence I am, - and yet, of myself, have I not come, but he is real, who sent me, whom, ye, know not.
John 8:16
And, even if, I, am judging, my judging, is, genuine, - because, alone, am I not, but, I, and the Father who sent me;
John 10:36
Of him whom, the Father, hallowed and sent forth into the world, are, ye, saying - Thou speakest profanely, because I said, Son of God, I am?
John 17:8
And, the declarations which thou gavest me, have I given them, and, they, received them, and came to know in truth, that, from thee, came I forth, - and they believed, that, thou, didst send me forth.
Romans 8:3
For, what was impossible by the law in that it was weak through the flesh, God, by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and concerning sin, condemned sin in the flesh,
Galatians 4:4
But, when the fulness of the time came, God sent forth his Son, who came to be of a woman, who came to be under law, -
1 John 4:9
Herein, hath the love of God in us, been made manifest, that, his only-begotten Son, God sent into the world, in order that we might live through him.

General references

Exodus 40:26
And he put the altar of gold in the tent of meeting, - before the veil;
Psalm 20:4
Give thee according to thy heart, and, all thy purposes, fulfil.
John 12:37
And, although such signs, as these, he had done before them, they were not believing on him: -