Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ, the Son of the living God.

General references

Bible References

We believe

John 1:29
On the morrow, he beholdeth Jesus, coming unto him, and saith - See! the Lamb of God, who taketh away the sin of the world.
John 11:27
She saith unto him - Yea, Lord! I, have believed, that, thou, art the Christ, the Son of God, - He who, into the world, should come.
John 20:28
Thomas answered, and said unto him - My Lord, and my God!
Matthew 16:16
And, Simon Peter, answering, said - Thou, art the Christ, the Son of the Living God.
Mark 1:1
Beginning of the glad-message of Jesus Christ.
Mark 8:29
And, he, went on to question them - But, who, say, ye, that I am? Peter, answering, saith unto him - Thou, art, the Christ.
Luke 9:20
And he said to them - But who say, ye, that I am? And, Peter, answering, said - The Christ of God!
Romans 1:3
Concerning his Son, - who came to be of the seed of David, according to flesh,
1 John 5:1
Whosoever believeth that, Jesus, is the Christ, of God, hath been born: and, whosoever loveth him that begat, loveth him that hath been begotten of him.

General references

Deuteronomy 4:4
but, ye who kept on cleaving unto Yahweh your God, alive, are ye all to-day.
John 20:6
So Simon Peter also cometh, following him, and entered into the tomb, and vieweth the linen-bandages lying, -