John 7:6

Jesus, therefore, saith unto them - My season, not yet, is here; but, your season, at anytime, is ready:

John 7:8

Ye, go up unto the feast: I, not yet, am coming up unto this feast, because, my season, not yet, hath fully come.

John 2:4

And Jesus saith unto her - What part can I take with thee, O woman? Not yet, hath come, mine hour.

John 7:30

They were seeking therefore to seize him; and yet no one laid on him his hand, because, not yet, had come his hour.

Psalm 102:13

Thou, wilt arise, wilt have compassion upon Zion, Surely it is time to favour her, Surely the time appointed, hath come;

Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

For, every thing, there is a season, - and a time for every pursuit, under the heavens: -

Matthew 26:18

And, he, said - Go your way into the city, unto such-a-one, and say to him, The teacher, saith, My season, is, near, with thee, will I keep the passover, with my disciples.

John 8:20

These sayings, spake he in the treasury, teaching in the temple, and yet, no one, seized him, because, not yet, had come his hour.

John 13:1

Now, before the feast of the passover, Jesus, knowing that his hour had come, that he should remove out of this world unto the Father, having loved his own that were in the world, unto the end, loved them.

John 17:1

These things, spake Jesus, and, lifting up his eyes unto heaven, said: - Father! The hour is come! Glorify thy Son, that, the Son, may glorify, thee, -

Acts 1:7

He said unto them - It is not yours to get to know times or seasons which the Father hath put in his own authority;

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