Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


They understood not that he spake to them of the Father.

Bible References

General references

John 8:43
Wherefore, is it, that, my speech, ye do not understand? because ye cannot hear my word.
Isaiah 6:9
Then said be - Go and say unto this people, - Hear on but do not discern, See on but do not perceive:
Isaiah 42:18
Ye deaf hear! And ye blind look around that ye may see, Who is blind if not my Servant? Or deaf, like, my messenger whom I send?
Isaiah 59:10
We grope, as blind men for a wall, Yea, as men without eyes, do we grope, - We have stumbled at broad noon as though it were twilight, In desolate places like the dead!
Romans 11:7
What then? That which Israel seeketh after, the same, it hath not obtained: - the election, however, have obtained it, and, the rest, have been hardened; -
2 Corinthians 4:3
And, even if our glad-message is veiled, in them who are perishing, it is veiled,