Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And then the coast turneth to Ramah, and to the strong city Tyre; and the coast turneth to Hosah; and the outgoings thereof are at the sea from the coast to Achzib:

Bible References


Genesis 38:5
And she, yet again, bare a son, and called his name Shelah, - and she, was at Chezib, when she bare him.
Judges 1:31
Asher, dispossessed not the inhabitants of Acco, nor the inhabitants of Zidon, - nor of Ahlab, nor of Achzib, nor of Helbah, nor of Aphik, nor of Rehob;
Micah 1:14
Therefore, shalt thou give a dismission, against Moresheth-gath, - The houses of Achzib, served for a deception to the kings of Israel.