Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


But that ye must turn away this day from following the LORD? and it will be, seeing ye rebel to day against the LORD, that to morrow he will be wroth with the whole congregation of Israel.

And it will

Bible References


Joshua 22:16
Thus said all the assembly of Jehovah, What transgression this which ye transgressed against the God of Israel to turn back this day from after Jehovah, in your building to you an altar for your rebellion this day against Jehovah?
Deuteronomy 7:4
For he will turn away thy son from after me and they served other gods: and the anger of Jehovah kindled against you and he destroyed thee suddenly.
1 Samuel 12:14
If ye will fear Jehovah and serve him, and hear to his voice, and ye shall not rebel against the mouth of Jehovah, and ye shall be, also ye, and the king which reigned over you, after Jehovah your God.
1 Kings 9:6
If turning back, ye shall turn back, ye and your sons from after me, and shall not watch my commands, my laws which I gave before you, and ye went and served other gods and worshiped to them:
2 Kings 17:21
For he rent Israel from above the house of David; and they will make Jeroboam son of Nebat, king; and Jeroboam will thrust out Israel king after Jehovah, and he caused them to sin a great sin.
2 Chronicles 25:27
And from the time that Amaziah turned away from Jehovah and they will conspire against him a conspiracy in Jerusalem; and he will flee to Lachish: and they will send after him to Lachish, and they will kill him there.
2 Chronicles 34:33
And Josiah will remove all the abominations out of all the lands which were to the sons of Israel, and he will cause to serve all being found in Israel, to serve Jehovah their God. All his days they departed not from after Jehovah the God of their fathers.

And it will

Ezra 9:13
And after all coming upon us for our evil deeds, and in our great guilt, for thou our God didst withhold below our iniquities, and didst give to us an escaping according to this.

He will be

Joshua 22:20
Did not Achan transgress a transgression in the devoted thing, and upon all the assembly of Israel was wrath? and that man died not alone in his iniquity.
Joshua 7:1
And the sons of Israel will transgress a transgression in the devoted thing: and Achan, son of Carmi son of Zabdi, son of Zerah to the tribe; of Judah, will take from the devoted thing: and the anger of Jehovah will kindle against the sons of Israel
Numbers 16:22
And they shall fall upon their faces, and they will say, God, the God of the spirits for all flesh, shall one man sin, and wilt thou be angry against all the assembly.
2 Samuel 24:1
And the anger of Jehovah will add to kindle against Israel, and he stimulated David against them, saying, Go, number Israel and Judah.
1 Chronicles 21:1
And an adversary will stand up against Israel, and he will stimulate David to number Israel