Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


So his father went down unto the woman: and Samson made there a feast; for so used the young men to do.

Bible References

Made there

Genesis 29:22
So Laban gathered together all the men of the place and made a banquet.
Esther 1:7
And they gave them drink in vessels of gold (the vessels being diverse one from another) and royal wine in abundance, according to the power of the king.
Ecclesiastes 10:19
The banquet is made for pleasure, and wine makes merry; but money answers all things.
Matthew 22:2
The kingdom of the heavens is like unto a certain man, a king, who made a marriage feast for his son
John 2:9
When the butler had tasted the water that was made wine and knew not where it was from (but the servants who drew the water knew), the butler called the bridegroom
Revelation 19:9
And he said unto me, Write, Blessed are those who are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he said unto me, These are the true words of God.