Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Let all their wickedness come before thee; and do unto them, as thou hast done unto me for all my transgressions: for my sighs are many, and my heart is faint.

Bible References

All their

Nehemiah 4:4
Hear, O our God, for we are despised, and turn back their reproach upon their own head, and give them up for a spoil in a land of captivity,
Psalm 109:14
Let the iniquity of his fathers be remembered with LORD, and let not the sin of his mother be blotted out.
Psalm 137:7
Remember, O LORD, the day of Jerusalem against the sons of Edom, who said, Raze it, raze it, even to the foundation thereof.
Jeremiah 10:25
Pour out thy wrath upon the nations that know thee not, and upon the families that call not on thy name. For they have devoured Jacob. Yea, they have devoured him and consumed him, and have laid waste his habitation.
Jeremiah 18:23
Yet, LORD, thou know all their counsel against me to kill me. Do not forgive their iniquity, nor blot out their sin from thy sight, but let them be overthrown before thee. Deal thou with them in the time of thine anger.
Jeremiah 51:35
The violence done to me and to my flesh be upon Babylon, the inhabitant of Zion shall say. And, My blood be upon the inhabitants of Chaldea, Jerusalem shall say.
Luke 23:31
Because if they do these things in the green tree, what will happen in the dry?
Revelation 6:10
And they cried out in a great voice, saying, Master, Holy and True, how long do thou not judge and avenge our blood from those who dwell on the earth?

My heart

Lamentations 5:17
For this our heart is faint. For these things our eyes are dim,
Isaiah 13:7
Therefore all hands shall be feeble, and every heart of man shall melt.
Jeremiah 8:18
Oh that I could comfort myself against sorrow! My heart is faint within me.
Ephesians 3:13
Therefore I ask that ye not become discouraged at my tribulations on your behalf, which is your glory.