Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Arise, cry out in the night: in the beginning of the watches pour out thine heart like water before the face of the Lord: lift up thy hands toward him for the life of thy young children, that faint for hunger in the top of every street.

General references

Bible References

Cry out

Psalm 42:8
By day, will Yahweh command his lovingkindness, And, in the night, shall His song be with me, My prayer be to the GOD of my life.
Psalm 62:8
Trust ye in him all ye assembly of the people, Pour out, before him, your heart, God, is a refuge for us. Selah.
Psalm 119:55
I have remembered, in the night, thy Name, O Yahweh, and have kept thy law.
Isaiah 26:9
With my soul, longed I for thee in the night, Yea with my spirit within me, I kept on searching for thee, - For, when thy regulations extend to the earth, The inhabitants of the world will have learned, righteousness.
Mark 1:35
And, very early by night arising, he went out and departedinto a desert place, and, there, was praying;
Luke 6:12
And it came to pass, in these days, that he went forth into the mountain to pray, and was spending the night in the prayer-house of God.


Judges 7:19
So Gideon came, and the hundred men that were with him, unto the outermost part of the camp, at the beginning of the middle watch, they had but, newly set, the watchers, - and they blew with the horns, and brake in pieces the pitchers, that were in their hand.
Matthew 14:25
And, in the fourth watch of the night, he came unto them, walking upon the sea.
Mark 13:35
Be watching, therefore, for ye know not, when, the master of the house, is coming, - whether at even, or at midnight, or at cock-crowing, or at early morn; -


1 Samuel 1:15
And Hannah responded and said - Nay! my lord; A woman depressed in spirit, am I: neither wine nor strong drink, have I drunk, - but I poured out my soul, before Yahweh.
1 Samuel 7:6
So they gathered themselves unto Mizpah, and drew water, and poured it out before Yahweh, and fasted on that day, and said, there, We have sinned against Yahweh. And Samuel judged the sons of Israel in Mizpah.
Job 3:24
For, in the face of my food, my sighing, cometh in, and, poured out like the water, are my groans:
Psalm 62:8
Trust ye in him all ye assembly of the people, Pour out, before him, your heart, God, is a refuge for us. Selah.
Psalm 142:2
I pour out before him my complaint, My distress - before him, I tell.

Lift up

Psalm 28:2
Hear the voice of my supplication, when I cry to thee for help, when I lift up my hands toward thy holy shrine.
Psalm 63:4
Thus, will I bless thee while I live, In thy Name, will I lift up mine outspread hands:
1 Timothy 2:8
I am minded, therefore, that - the men in every place be offering prayer, uplifting hands of lovingkindness, apart from anger and disputings;

That faint

Lamentations 2:11
Blinded with tears are mine eyes, In ferment is my body, Poured out to the earth is my grief, for the sore hurt of the daughter of my people, - when child and suckling are swooning, in the broadways of the city.
Lamentations 4:1
How is dimmed the gold! changed the most fine gold! Poured out are the stones of the sanctuary, at the top of all the streets.
Isaiah 51:20
Thy sons, have fainted, They lie at the head of all the streets like a gazelle in a net, - Who, indeed, are full of The indignation of Yahweh The rebuke of thy God.
Ezekiel 5:10
Therefore, fathers will eat sons in thy midst, And sons will eat fathers, - And I will execute upon thee judgments, And will scatter the whole remnant of thee, to every wind.
Nahum 3:10
Yet, she, was given up to exile, she went into captivity, even her babes, were dashed to the ground, at the head of all the streets, - and, for her honourable men, cast they lots, and, all her great men, were bound together in chains.

General references

Psalm 63:6
Should I call thee to mind upon my conch, In the watches of the night, would I breathe soft speech of thee.
Psalm 107:5
Hungry - yea thirsty, their soul, within them, fainted:
Mark 13:17
But alas for the women with child, and for them who are giving suck, - in those days.