Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Out of the mouth of the most High proceedeth not evil and good?

Bible References

General references

Job 2:10
And he said unto her, As one of the base women speaketh, speakest thou? Blessing, shall we accept from God, and, misfortune, shall we not accept? In all this, Job sinned not with his lips.
Psalm 75:7
For, God himself, is about to judge, One, he will cast down, Another, he will lift up;
Proverbs 29:26
Many, seek the face of a ruler, but, from Yahweh, is the sentence of each one.
Isaiah 45:7
Forming light and creating darkness, Making prosperity, and creating misfortune, - I - Yahweh, who doeth all these.
Amos 3:6
Or a horn be blown in a city, and, a people, not tremble? Or calamity happen in a city, and, Yahweh, not have wrought with effect?