Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


The hands of the pitiful women have sodden their own children: they were their meat in the destruction of the daughter of my people.


General references

Bible References


Lamentations 4:3
Also the dragons draw out the breast, they suckled their sucklings: the daughter of my people violent as the ostriches in the desert.
Lamentations 2:20
See, O Jehovah, and look to whom thou didst accomplish this Shall the women eat their fruit, the children borne upon the hands? shall the priest and the prophet be slain in the holy place of Jehovah?
2 Kings 6:26
And the king of Israel will be passing by upon the wall, and a woman cried out to him, saying, Save, O lord the king.


Isaiah 49:15
Shall a woman forget her child, from pitying the son of her womb? also these shall forget, and I shall not forget thee.


Lamentations 3:48
Mine eye will bring down streams of water for the breaking of the daughter of my people.
Deuteronomy 28:56
She tender and delicate in thee, who tried not to set the sole of her foot upon the earth from delicateness and tenderness, her eye shall be evil upon the husband of her bosom, and upon her son, and upon her daughter,
2 Kings 6:29
And we shall boil my son, and eat him: and saying to her on the day after, Thou shalt give thy son, and we will eat him: and she will hide her son

General references

Matthew 24:19
And woe to those having in the womb, and to those giving suck, in those days!
Mark 13:17
And woe to them having in the womb, and to them giving suck in those days!