Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Then will I remember my covenant with Jacob, and also my covenant with Isaac, and also my covenant with Abraham will I remember; and I will remember the land.

Bible References

Will i

Genesis 9:16
And the bow will be in the cloud, and looking on it, I will keep in mind the eternal agreement between God and every living thing on the earth.
Exodus 2:24
And at the sound of their weeping the agreement which God had made with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob came to his mind.
Exodus 6:5
And truly my ears are open to the cry of the children of Israel whom the Egyptians keep under their yoke; and I have kept in mind my agreement.
Deuteronomy 4:31
Because the Lord your God is a God of mercy, he will not take away his help from you or let destruction overtake you, or be false to the agreement which he made by an oath with your fathers.
Psalm 106:45
And kept in mind his agreement with them, and in his great mercy gave them forgiveness.
Ezekiel 16:60
But still I will keep in mind the agreement made with you in the days when you were young, and I will make with you an eternal agreement.
Luke 1:72
To do acts of mercy to our fathers and to keep in mind his holy word,

And i will

Psalm 85:1
Lord, you were good to your land: changing the fate of Jacob.
Psalm 136:23
Who kept us in mind when we were in trouble: for his mercy is unchanging for ever.
Ezekiel 36:1
And you, son of man, be a prophet about the mountains of Israel, and say, You mountains of Israel, give ear to the word of the Lord:
Joel 2:18
Then the Lord had a care for the honour of his land and had pity on his people.

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