Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And the priest shall burn it upon the altar: it is the food of the offering made by fire unto the LORD.

General references

Bible References

The food

Leviticus 3:16
Then shall the priest make a perfume at the altar, - the food of an altar-flame for a satisfying odour, - all the fat - unto Yahweh.
Leviticus 21:6
Holy persons, shall they be unto their God, and not profane the name of their God, - for, the altar-flames of Yahweh, the food of their God, do they bring near - Therefore shall they be holy.
Leviticus 22:25
Even at the hand of the son of a stranger, shall ye not bring near the food of your God of any of these, - for, their damage is in them, a blemish, is in them, they shall not be accepted for you.
Numbers 28:2
Command the sons of Israel, and thou shalt say unto them, - My offering, my food for my altar-flames my satisfying odour, shall ye take heed to offer unto me in its season,
Ezekiel 44:7
That ye brought in the sons of the foreigner Uncircumcised in heart and uncircumcised in flesh, To be in my sanctuary. So that be profaned my house,- That ye brought near as my food the fat and the blood, And so they brake my covenant - Among all your abominations;
Malachi 1:7
In bringing near upon mine altar, polluted food, while yet ye say, Wherein have we polluted thee? Because ye say, As for the table of Yahweh, a thing to be despised, it is;
1 Corinthians 10:21
Ye cannot be drinking - a cup of the Lord, and a cup of demons; ye cannot be partaking of, a table of the Lord, and a table of demons.
Revelation 3:20
Lo! I am standing at the door, and knocking; if anyone shall hearken unto my voice, and open the door, I will come in unto him, and will sup with him, and, he, with, me.

General references

Leviticus 4:8
And all the fat of the sin-bearing bullock, shall he heave up therefrom, - the fat that covereth over the inwards, and all the fat that is upon the inwards;
Leviticus 7:3
and, as for all the fat thereof, one shall bring near therefrom, - the fat-tail, and the fat that covereth the inwards;