Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And he shall offer of the sacrifice of the peace offering an offering made by fire unto the LORD; the fat that covereth the inwards, and all the fat that is upon the inwards,

Bible References

General references

Leviticus 4:8
And all the fat of the bullock of the sin, he shall lift up from it: the fat covering over the bowels, and all the fat which is upon the bowels.
Leviticus 7:3
And he shall bring from it all its fat; the fat tail, and the fat covering the bowels,
Leviticus 8:16
And he will take all the fat which upon the bowels, and the lobe of the liver, and the two kidneys, and their fat, and Moses will burn upon the altar.
1 Samuel 2:15
Also before they will burn the fat and the boy of the priest came and said to the man sacrificing, Thou shalt give flesh to roast for the priest; and he will not take from thee flesh boiled but living.