Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God?

Bible References


Matthew 10:29
Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? and not one of them shall fall on the ground without your Father:


Luke 12:24
Consider the ravens, that they sow not, neither reap; which have no store-chamber nor barn; and God feedeth them: of how much more value are ye than the birds!
Psalm 50:10
For every beast of the forest is mine, And the cattle upon a thousand hills.
Psalm 113:5
Who is like unto Jehovah our God, That hath his seat on high,
Psalm 145:15
The eyes of all wait for thee; And thou givest them their food in due season.
Psalm 147:9
He giveth to the beast his food, And to the young ravens which cry.