Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References

And took

2 Chronicles 33:1
A son of twelve years is Manasseh in his reigning, and fifty and five years he hath reigned in Jerusalem;
Job 21:13
They wear out in good their days, And in a moment to Sheol go down.
Job 22:17
Those saying to God, 'Turn aside from us,' And what doth the Mighty One to them?
Psalm 10:4
The wicked according to the height of his face, inquireth not. 'God is not!' are all his devices.
Psalm 73:27
For, lo, those far from Thee do perish, Thou hast cut off every one, Who is going a whoring from Thee.
Proverbs 27:8
As a bird wandering from her nest, So is a man wandering from his place.
Isaiah 1:4
Ah, sinning nation, a people heavy with iniquity, A seed of evil doers, sons -- corrupters! They have forsaken Jehovah, They have despised the Holy One of Israel, They have gone away backward.
Isaiah 30:11
Turn aside from the way, decline from the path, Cause to cease from before us the Holy One of Israel.'
Jeremiah 2:5
Thus said Jehovah: What -- have your fathers found in Me perversity, That they have gone far off from Me, And go after the vanity, and become vain,
Micah 6:3
O My people, what have I done to thee? And what -- have I wearied thee? Testify against Me.
Ephesians 2:13
and now, in Christ Jesus, ye being once afar off became nigh in the blood of the Christ,


Luke 15:30
but when thy son -- this one who did devour thy living with harlots -- came, thou didst kill to him the fatted calf.
Luke 16:1
And he said also unto his disciples, 'A certain man was rich, who had a steward, and he was accused to him as scattering his goods;
Proverbs 5:8
Keep far from off her thy way, And come not near unto the opening of her house,
Proverbs 6:26
For a harlot consumeth unto a cake of bread, And an adulteress the precious soul hunteth.
Proverbs 18:9
He also that is remiss in his work, A brother he is to a destroyer.
Proverbs 21:17
Whoso is loving mirth is a poor man, Whoso is loving wine and oil maketh no wealth.
Proverbs 23:19
Hear thou, my son, and be wise, And make happy in the way thy heart,
Proverbs 28:7
Whoso is keeping the law is an intelligent son, And a friend of gluttons, Doth cause his father to blush.
Proverbs 29:3
A man loving wisdom rejoiceth his father, And a friend of harlots destroyeth wealth.
Ecclesiastes 11:9
Rejoice, O young man, in thy childhood, And let thy heart gladden thee in days of thy youth, And walk in the ways of thy heart, And in the sight of thine eyes, And know thou that for all these, Doth God bring thee into judgment.
Isaiah 22:13
And lo, joy and gladness, slaying of oxen, And slaughtering of sheep, Eating of flesh, and drinking of wine, Eat and drink, for to-morrow we die.
Isaiah 56:12
Come ye, I take wine, And we drink, quaff strong drink, And as this day hath been to-morrow, Great -- exceeding abundant!'
Amos 6:3
Who are putting away the day of evil, And ye bring nigh the seat of violence,
Romans 13:13
as in day-time, let us walk becomingly; not in revellings and drunkennesses, not in chamberings and lasciviousnesses, not in strife and emulation;
1 Peter 4:3
for sufficient to us is the past time of life the will of the nations to have wrought, having walked in lasciviousnesses, desires, excesses of wines, revellings, drinking-bouts, and unlawful idolatries,
2 Peter 2:13
about to receive a reward of unrighteousness, pleasures counting the luxury in the day, spots and blemishes, luxuriating in their deceits, feasting with you,

General references

Jeremiah 35:16
'Because the sons of Jonadab son of Rechab have performed the command of their father, that he commanded them, and this people have not hearkened unto Me,