Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


But when ye shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified: for these things must first come to pass; but the end is not by and by.


Bible References


Luke 21:18
And, a hair of your head, in nowise shall perish, -
Psalm 27:1
Yahweh, is my light and my salvation, Of whom shall I be afraid? Yahweh, is the refuge of my life, Of whom shall I be in dread?
Psalm 46:1
God - for us, is a refuge and strength, A help in distresses, soon found.
Psalm 112:7
Of evil tidings, shall he not be afraid, Established is his heart, led to trust in Yahweh;
Proverbs 3:25
Be not thou afraid of sudden dread, nor of the desolation of the lawless, when it cometh.
Isaiah 8:12
Ye shall not say - A confederacy! of everything of which this people may say. A confederacy! And their fear, shall ye not fear or regard as awful:
Isaiah 51:12
I - I, am he that comforteth you, - Who art, thou, that thou hast feared Frail man that dieth, and A son of the earthborn, who, as grass, shall be delivered up?
Jeremiah 4:19
My bowels! My bowels! I am pained in the walls of my heart My heart beateth aloud to me I cannot be still! For the sound of a horn, hast thou heard O my soul, The loud shout of war!
Matthew 24:6
Moreover ye will be sure to be hearing of wars, and rumours of wars: Mind! be not alarmed, for it must needs happen, - but, not yet, is, the end;
Mark 13:7
And, when ye shall hear of wars, and rumours of wars, be not alarmed - it must needs come to pass, but, not yet, is, the end.


Luke 21:8
And, he, said - Be taking heed ye be not deceived; for, many, will come upon my name, saying - I, am he, - and - The season, hath drawn near! Do not go after them.