Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Then Jesus went with them. And when he was now not far from the house, the centurion sent friends to him, saying unto him, Lord, trouble not thyself: for I am not worthy that thou shouldest enter under my roof:

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Matthew 20:28
Just as, the Son of Man, came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom instead of many.
Mark 5:24
and he departed with him. And there was following him a large multitude, and they were pressing upon him.
Acts 10:38
How God anointed him with Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed by the adversary, because, God, was with him.


Luke 7:4
And, they, coming near unto Jesus, began beseeching him earnestly, saying - Worthy, is he for whom thou mayest do this,
Luke 5:8
And Simon, beholding, fell down at the knees of Jesus, saying - Depart from me! Because, a sinful man, am I, O Lord!
Luke 15:19
No longer, am I worthy to be called a son of thine, - Make me as one of thy hired servants. And he arose, and came unto his own father.
Genesis 32:10
I am too small for all the lovingkindnesses and for all the faithfulness, which thou hast done unto thy servant, - For with my staff, passed I over this Jordan, But, now, have I become two camps.
Proverbs 29:23
The loftiness of a man, layeth him low, - but, one of a lowly spirit, shall attain unto honour.
Matthew 3:11
I, indeed, am immersing you, in water, unto repentance, - but, he who, after me, cometh is, mightier than I, whose, sandals, I am not worthy to bear, he, will immerse you, in Holy Spirit and fire:
Matthew 5:26
Verily, I say unto thee, In nowise, mayest thou come out from thence, until thou pay the last halfpenny.
James 4:6
Howbeit he giveth, greater, favour. Wherefore it saith - God, against the haughty, arrayeth himself, Whereas, unto the lowly, he giveth favour.

General references

Mark 1:7
and he proclaimed, saying - He that is mightier than I cometh after me, of whom I am not worthy to stoop and unloose the strap of his sandals: