Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


They on the rock are they, which, when they hear, receive the word with joy; and these have no root, which for a while believe, and in time of temptation fall away.

General references

Bible References


Matthew 13:20
And he that was sown on the rocky places, this is he who hears the word, and straightway with joy receives it;
Mark 4:16
And these likewise are those sown upon the rocky places, who, when they hear the word, straightway with joy receive it;
Mark 6:20
for Herod was fearing John, knowing that he was a righteous and holy man, and he was preserving him.
John 5:35
He was a lamp that was burning and shining; and ye were willing for a season to rejoice in his light.
Galatians 3:1
O foolish Galatians! Who bewitched you, before whose eyes Jesus Christ was openly set forth crucified?
Galatians 4:15
Where, then, is your benedictions for me? For I bear you witness that, if possible, plucking out your eyes, ye would have given them to me!

And these

Ephesians 3:17
that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that ye, having been rooted and grounded in love,
Colossians 2:7
having been rooted and being built up in Him, and being established in the faith as ye were taught, abounding with thanksgiving.
Jude 1:12
These are the hidden rocks in your love-feasts, feasting sumptuously together, feeding themselves without fear; clouds without water, borne along by winds; autumnal trees, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots;

General references

Mark 4:5
And other fell on the rocky ground where it had not much earth; and straightway it sprang up, because of not having depth of earth;
Luke 8:6
And another fell upon the rock; and, springing up, it was withered because of not having moisture.