Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And he taught them many things by parables, and said unto them in his doctrine,

Bible References

By parables

Mark 4:11
"To you," He replied, "has been entrusted the secret truth concerning the Kingdom of God; but to those others outside your number all this is spoken in figurative language;
Mark 3:23
So He called them to Him, and using figurative language He appealed to them, saying, "How is it possible for Satan to expel Satan?
Matthew 13:3
He then spoke many things to them in figurative language. "The sower goes out," He said, "to sow.

In his

Mark 12:38
Moreover in the course of His teaching He said, "Be on your guard against the Scribes who like to walk about in long robes and to be bowed to in places of public resort,
Matthew 7:28
When Jesus had concluded this discourse, the crowds were filled with amazement at His teaching,
John 7:16
Jesus answered their question by saying, "My teaching does not belong to me, but comes from Him who sent me.
John 18:19
So the High Priest questioned Jesus about His disciples and His teaching.