Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And they began to pray him to depart out of their coasts.

Bible References

General references

Mark 5:7
and screamed out, "What do you want of me, Jesus, son of the Most High God? In God's name, I implore you, do not torture me."
Mark 1:24
"What do you want of us, Jesus, you Nazarene? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are, you are God's holy One!"
Matthew 8:34
And the whole town came out to meet Jesus, and when they saw him they begged him to go away from their district.
Luke 5:8
When Simon Peter saw it, he fell down at Jesus' feet and said, "Leave me, Master, for I am a sinful man."
Luke 8:37
Then all the people of the neighborhood of Gerasa asked him to go away from them, for they were terribly frightened. And he got into a boat and went back.
Acts 16:39
and came and conciliated them, and took them out of the jail, and begged them to leave the town.