Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Then came to him the disciples of John, saying, Why do we and the Pharisees fast oft, but thy disciples fast not?

Bible References


Matthew 6:16
And, when ye may he fasting, become not ye, as the hypocrites, of sullen countenance, - for they darken their looks, that they may appear, unto men, to be fasting: Verily, I say unto you, they are getting back their reward.
Matthew 11:18
For, John, came, neither eating nor drinking, and they say - A demon, he hath!
Proverbs 20:6
A kind man one may call, a great man, - but, a faithful man, who can find?
Mark 2:18
And the disciples of John and the Pharisees were fasting; and they come and say unto him - For what cause, do, the disciples of John and the disciples of the Pharisees, fast, whereas, thy disciples, fast not?
Luke 5:33
But, they, said unto him - The disciples of John, do fast much, and, supplications, do make, - likewise also the disciples of the Pharisees; but, thine, do eat and drink!
Luke 18:9
And he spake, even unto certain who were confident in themselves that they were righteous, and were despising the rest, this parable: -