Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Will the LORD be pleased with thousands of rams, or with ten thousands of rivers of oil? shall I give my firstborn for my transgression, the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul?


General references

Bible References


1 Samuel 15:22
And Samuel will say, Was it pleasing to Jehovah in burnt-offerings and sacrifices as to hear to the voice of Jehovah? Behold, to hear, above a good sacrifice, and to hearken, above the fat of rams.
Psalm 10:8
Sitting in ambush of the enclosures: in hiding-places he will slay the innocent: his eyes will be hid to the afflicted.
Psalm 50:9
I will not take a bullock from thy house, from thy fold, he goats.
Psalm 51:16
For thou wilt not delight in sacrifice, and thou wilt not take pleasure in burnt-offering.
Isaiah 1:11
For what to me the multitude of your sacrifices? Jehovah will say: I was filled with the burnt-offerings of rams and the fat of fatlings; and I delighted not in the blood of bullocks, and of he lambs and of he goats.
Isaiah 40:16
And Lebanon not enough to burn, and its beasts not enough for a burnt-offering.
Jeremiah 7:21
Thus said Jehovah of armies, God of Israel; Add your burnt-offerings upon your sacrifices and eat flesh.
Hosea 6:6
For I delighted in mercy and not sacrifice; the knowledge of God more than burnt-offerings.
Amos 5:22
For if ye shall bring up to me burnt-offerirgs, and your gifts, I will not delight; and I will not look upon the peace-offerings of your fatlings.


Job 29:6
In washing my goings with butter, and the rock will pour out with me streams of oil;


Judges 11:31
And it was, that coming forth which shall come forth from the doors of my house to my meeting in my turning back in peace from the sons of Ammon, and it was to Jehovah; and I brought it up a burnt-offering.
2 Kings 3:27
And he will take his son, the firstborn, which shall reign in his stead, and bring him up a burnt-offering upon the wall: and there will be great anger against Israel, and they will remove from him and turn back to the land.
2 Kings 16:3
And he went in the way of the kings of Israel, and also he caused his son to pass through in fire, according to the abominations of the nations which Jehovah dispossessed them from the face of the sons of Israel.
2 Kings 21:6
And he caused his sons to pass through in fire, and he practiced magic, and took auguries, and made necromancy and a wizard spirit: he multiplied to do evil in the eyes of Jehovah to irritate.
2 Kings 23:10
And he defiled Topheth in the valley of the sons of Hinnom, for a man not to cause his son and his daughter to pass through in fire to the king.
Jeremiah 7:31
And they built heights to Tophet which is in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughters in fire; which I commanded not, and it came not upon my heart.
Jeremiah 19:5
And they built the heights of Baal to burn their sons with fire, burnt-offerings to Baal, which I commanded not, and I spake not, and it came not up upon my heart.
Ezekiel 16:20
And thou wilt take thy sons and thy daughters which thou didst bear to me, and thou wilt sacrifice them for these to eat From thy fornication is it small?
Ezekiel 23:37
For they committed adultery, and blood is in their hands; and with their blocks they committed adultery, and also their sons whom they brought forth to me they caused to pass through for them for consuming.


Philemon 1:12
Whom I sent back: and thou him, that is, my bowels, receive again:

General references

Psalm 50:9
I will not take a bullock from thy house, from thy fold, he goats.
Proverbs 21:3
To do justice and judgment was chosen by Jehovah above gold.