Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Who is a God like unto thee, that pardoneth iniquity, and passeth by the transgression of the remnant of his heritage? he retaineth not his anger for ever, because he delighteth in mercy.

Bible References


Numbers 23:21
He saw not iniquity in Jacob and he saw not sorrow in Israel: Jehovah his God with him, and the shouts of a king in them.
Amos 7:8
And Jehovah will say to me, What seest thou, Amos? And saying, Lead. And Jehovah will say to me: Behold me setting lead in the midst of my people Israel: I will no more add to pass by to him.
Amos 8:2
And he will say, Amos, what seest thou? And saying, A basket of fruit. And Jehovah will say to me: The end came upon my people Israel; I will no more add to pass by to him.

The remnant

Micah 7:14
Feed my people with thy rod, the sheep of thine inheritance dwelling by themselves in the forest, in the midst of Carmel: they shall feed Bashan and Gilead as the days of old.
Micah 2:12
Gathering, O Jacob, I will gather all of thee; collecting, I will collect the remnant of Israel; together I will set them as the sheep of Bozrah, as the flock in the midst of their pasture they shall make noise from man.
Micah 4:7
And I set her halting for a remnant, and her far removed, for a strong nation: and Jehovah reigning over them in mount Zion from now and even to forever.
Micah 5:3
For this he will give them up even till the time she bearing will bring forth: and the remainder of his brethren shall turn back to the sons of Israel.
Joel 2:32
And it was all who shall call upon the name of Jehovah shall escape: for in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be an escaping, as said Jehovah; and among those left whom Jehovah called.
Romans 11:4
But what say to him the intimations of divine will I have left to myself seven thousand men, who bent not the knee to Baal.
Hebrews 8:9
Not according to the covenant which I made to their fathers in the day of my taking their hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; for they remained not in my covenant, and I heeded them not, says the Lord.

He retaineth

Psalm 77:6
I will remember my stringed instruments in the night: I shall meditate with my heart, and my spirit will search out.
Psalm 85:4
Turn us back, O God of our salvation, and annul thine anger with us.
Psalm 103:9
He will not contend forever; he will not keep forever.
Isaiah 57:10
In the abundance of thy way thou wert wearied; thou midst, Not to give over; thou didst find the living of thy hand; for this, thou wert not pained.
Jeremiah 3:5
Will he guard forever? if he will watch to the end? Behold, I spake, and wilt thou do evil, and shalt thou be able?
Lamentations 3:31
For Jehovah will not cast of forever:

He delighteth

Isaiah 62:5
As a young man will marry a virgin, thy sons shall marry thee: and the bridegroom rejoicing over the bride, thy God will rejoice over thee.
Isaiah 65:19
And I rejoiced in Jerusalem, and was glad in my people; and the voice of weeping shall no more be heard in her, and the voice of crying.
Jeremiah 32:41
And I rejoiced over them to do them good, and I planted them in this land in truth with all my heart and with all my soul
Ezekiel 33:11
Say to them, I live, says the Lord Jehovah, if I shall delight in the death of the unjust; but in the turning back of the unjust one from his way, and he lived: turn back, turn back from your evil ways: and wherefore will ye die, O house of Israel?
Zephaniah 3:17
Jehovah thy God is in the midst of thee: the strong one will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will be silent in his love, he will exult over thee with rejoicing.
Luke 15:5
And having found, he puts upon his shoulders, rejoicing.
Ephesians 2:4
But God, being rich in mercy, by his much love which he loved us,
James 2:13
For unpropitiated judgment to him not doing mercy; and mercy boasteth against judgment.

General references

Isaiah 40:18
And to whom will ye liken God? what likeness will ye compare to him?
Jeremiah 33:8
And I cleansed them from all their iniquity which they sinned to me, and which they transgressed against me.
Lamentations 3:31
For Jehovah will not cast of forever:
Ezekiel 33:16
All his sins which he sinned shall not be remembered to him: he did judgment and justice; living, he shall live.
Romans 4:7
Happy they whose iniquities were remitted, and whose sins were covered.