1 The oracle, on Nineveh, - the scroll of the vision of Nahum, the Elkoshite.
2 A GOD jealous and avenging, is Yahweh, an avenger, is Yahweh, and a lord of wrath, an avenger, is Yahweh towards his adversaries, and, a retainer of anger , is he to his foes. 3 Yahweh, is slow to anger, but great in vigour, He will not leave, unpunished, as for Yahweh, in storm-wind and in tempest, is his way, and, clouds, are the dust of his feet. 4 Who rebuketh the sea and hath made it dry, and, all the streams, hath he dried up, - withered are Bashan and Carmel, Even the bloom of Lebanon, is withered: 5 Mountains, have trembled because of him, and, the hills, have melted, - and the earth, hath lifted itself up, at his presence, the world also, and all who dwell therein. 6 Before his indignation, who shall stand? And who shall abide the glow of his anger? His wrath, hath been poured forth like fire, and, the rocks, have been broken down because of him.
7 Good is Yahweh, as a protection in the day of distress, - and one who acknowledgeth them who seek refuge in him. 8 But, with an overflow rolling on, a full end, will he make of them who rise up against him, - and, his foes, will he pursue into darkness.
9 What can ye devise against Yahweh? A full end, is he making, - Distress, shall not rise up twice: 10 Though they were like thorns intertwined, and as drunkards drenched with their drink, yet have they been devoured, like stubble fully dry. 11 Out of thee, hath one come forth - plotting, against Yahweh, wickedness, - A counselor of the Abandoned One.
12 Thus, saith Yahweh, Though they be in full force, and so in great numbers, yet, even so, have they been cut off, and have passed away, - If I humble thee once , I will not humble thee again. 13 Now, therefore, will I break his yoke from off thee, - and, thy fetters, will I tear off.
14 Then will Yahweh give command concerning thee, None of thy name shall be sown any more, - out of the house of thy gods, will I cut off carved image and molten image, I will appoint thy grave, for thou art of little esteem.
15 Lo! upon the mountains, The feet of one, who bringeth Good Tidings! who publisheth Prosperity! Celebrate, O Judah, thy pilgrim festivals, fulfil thy vows, for, not again, any more, shall the Abandoned One, pass through thee, he hath been wholly cut off.