Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Also I said, It is not good that ye do: ought ye not to walk in the fear of our God because of the reproach of the heathen our enemies?

Bible References

It is not

1 Samuel 2:24
No, my sons; for it is no good report that I hear: you make Yahweh's people disobey.
Proverbs 16:29
A man of violence entices his neighbor, and leads him in a way that is not good.
Proverbs 17:26
Also to punish the righteous is not good, nor to flog officials for their integrity.
Proverbs 18:5
To be partial to the faces of the wicked is not good, nor to deprive the innocent of justice.
Proverbs 19:2
It isn't good to have zeal without knowledge; nor being hasty with one's feet and missing the way.
Proverbs 24:23
These also are sayings of the wise. To show partiality in judgment is not good.


Nehemiah 5:15
But the former governors who were before me were supported by the people, and took bread and wine from them, besides forty shekels of silver; yes, even their servants ruled over the people: but I didn't do so, because of the fear of God.
Genesis 20:11
Abraham said, "Because I thought, 'Surely the fear of God is not in this place. They will kill me for my wife's sake.'
Genesis 42:18
Joseph said to them the third day, "Do this, and live, for I fear God.
Leviticus 25:36
Take no interest from him or profit, but fear your God; that your brother may live among you.
Acts 9:31
So the assemblies throughout all Judea and Galilee and Samaria had peace, and were built up. They were multiplied, walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit.