Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And Moses cried unto the LORD, saying, Heal her now, O God, I beseech thee.

Bible References

General references

Numbers 14:2
And all the children of Israel will murmur against Moses, and against Aaron; and all the assembly will say to them, Would we died in the land of Egypt! or in this desert would that we died!
Numbers 16:41
And all the assembly of the sons of Israel will murmur on the morrow against Moses, and against Aaron, saying, Ye killed the people of Jehovah.
Exodus 32:10
And thou be at rest to me, and my wrath shall kindle against them, and I will consume them: and I will make thee into a great nation.
1 Samuel 12:23
Also I, far be it to me sinning against Jehovah ceasing to pray for you: and I taught you in the good and straight way.
1 Samuel 15:11
I lamented that I made Saul for king, for he turned back from after me, and my words he set not up. And it will kindle to Samuel, and he will cry to Jehovah all the night
Matthew 5:44
But I say to you, Love your enemies, praise them cursing you, do well to them hating you, and pray for them threatening you, and driving you out.
Luke 6:28
Praise those cursing you, and pray for those threatening you.
Luke 23:34
And Jesus said, Father, let them go; for they know not what they do. And having divided his garments, they cast lots.
Acts 7:60
And having set the knees, he cried with a great voice, Lord, wouldest thou not set this sin to them. And having said this he was set to sleep.
Romans 12:21
Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.
James 5:15
And the prayer of faith shall save him being sick, and the Lord will raise him up; and if he should have wrought sins, it shall be remitted to him.