Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


To be a memorial unto the children of Israel, that no stranger, which is not of the seed of Aaron, come near to offer incense before the LORD; that he be not as Korah, and as his company: as the LORD said to him by the hand of Moses.

Bible References

That no

Numbers 3:10
And Aaron and his sons thou shalt set up, and they shall watch their priesthood; and the stranger coming near shall die.
Numbers 18:4
And they were joined to thee, and they watched the watches of the tent of appointment for all the service of the tent: and the stranger shall not come near to you
Leviticus 22:10
And any stranger shall not eat the holy thing: a sojourner of the priest and a hireling shall not eat the holy thing.
2 Chronicles 26:18
And they will stand against Uzziah the king, and say to him, Not to thee, Uzziah, to burn incense to Jehovah, but to the priests, the sons of Aaron, being consecrated to burn incense: go forth from the holy place, for thou didst trespass; and not to thee for honor from Jehovah God.
Jude 1:11
Woe to them for they went in the way of Cain, and were poured out in the error of Balaam for a reward, and they were destroyed in the controversy of Core.

Come near

1 Kings 13:1
And behold a man of God came out of Judah in the word of Jehovah to the house of God; and Jeroboam stood by the altar to burn incense.
2 Chronicles 26:16
And in his being strong his heart was lifted up even to destruction: for he will transgress against Jehovah his God, and come in to the temple of Jehovah to burn incense upon the altar of incense.

General references

Numbers 16:6
This do ye: take to you censers, Korah and all his assembly:
Psalm 106:18
And a fire will be kindled in their assembly; the flame will burn up the unjust
Psalm 115:10
O house of Aaron, trust ye in Jehovah: he their help and their shield.
Hebrews 5:4
And not any takes this honour to himself; but the called of God, as also Aaron.