Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Speak unto the children of Israel, and take of every one of them a rod according to the house of their fathers, of all their princes according to the house of their fathers twelve rods: write thou every man's name upon his rod.

Bible References

All their princes

Numbers 1:5
These, then, are the names of the men who shall stand with you, - Of Reuben, Elizur, son of Shedeur;
Numbers 2:3
And they who encamp eastwards towards sunrise, shall he the standard of the camp of Judah by their hosts, - even the prince of the sons of Judah, Nashon, son of Ammi-nadab;
Numbers 10:14
So the standard of the camp of the sons of Judah set forward first, by their hosts, and over his own host, was Nahshon, son of Amminadab;

Twelve rods

Genesis 49:10
The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, Nor the commanders staff a from between his feet, - Until that he come in as a Shiloh, And, his, be the obedience of the peoples:
Exodus 4:2
And Yahweh said unto him - What is this in thy hand? And he said - A staff.
Psalm 110:2
Thy sceptre of strength, will Yahweh extend out of Zion, Tread thou down, in the midst of thy foes.
Psalm 125:3
For the sceptre of lawlessness shall not remain over the allotment of the righteous, - lest the righteous put forth - unto perversity - their hands.
Ezekiel 19:14
And there hath gone forth a fire out of her staves of rods. Her fruit, hath it devoured, And there is in her no staff of power. As a sceptre to bear rule. A dirge, it is, and hath been made a dirge.
Ezekiel 21:10
To make a slaughter, is it sharpened, That it may flash as lightning, is it furbished. Or shall we flourish the royal rod of my son which despiseth every tree?
Ezekiel 37:16
Thou therefore Son of man Take thee one stick, and write upon it For Judah, and for the sons of Israel his companions, Then take thou another stick, and write upon it For Joseph the stick of Ephraim, and all the house of Israel his companions.
Micah 7:14
Shepherd thou thy people with thy rod, the flock of thine inheritance, Dwell thou alone, a jungle in the midst of a fruitful field, - Let them feed in Bashan and in Gilead, as in the days of age-past times.