Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


But the firstling of a cow, or the firstling of a sheep, or the firstling of a goat, thou shalt not redeem; they are holy: thou shalt sprinkle their blood upon the altar, and shalt burn their fat for an offering made by fire, for a sweet savour unto the LORD.

The firstling

Bible References

The firstling

Deuteronomy 15:19
All the first males to come to birth in your herd and your flock are to be holy to the Lord your God: the first birth of your ox is not to be used for work, the wool of your first lamb is not to be cut.

Thou shalt

Exodus 29:16
Then let it be put to death, so that the sides of the altar are marked with its blood.
Leviticus 3:2
And he is to put his hand on the head of his offering and put it to death at the door of the Tent of meeting; and Aaron's sons, the priests, are to put some of the blood on and round the altar.

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