Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


One spoon of ten shekels of gold, full of incense:

General references

Bible References


Numbers 4:7
And upon the table of showbread they shall spread a cloth of blue and put thereon the dishes and the spoons and the bowls and covers to cover withal; and the continual bread shall be thereon.
Exodus 37:16
He also made the vessels which were upon the table, its dishes, its spoons, its bowls, and its covers to cover the bread, of pure gold.
1 Kings 7:50
likewise the bowls and the snuffers and the basins and the spoons and the censers of pure gold, also the hinges of gold, both for the doors of the inner house, the holy of holies, and for the doors of the house of the temple.
2 Kings 25:14
They also took away the pots and the shovels and the snuffers and the spoons and all the vessels of brass, with which they ministered.
2 Chronicles 4:22
also the snuffers and the basins and the spoons and the censers, of pure gold. Regarding the entry of the house, its inner doors for the most holy place and the doors of the house of the temple, were of gold.
2 Chronicles 24:14
And when they had finished it, they brought the rest of the money before the king and Jehoiada, of which they made vessels for the house of the LORD, vessels to minister and to offer with, and spoons and vessels of gold and silver. And they offered burnt offerings in the house of the LORD continually all the days of Jehoiada.


Exodus 30:7
And Aaron shall burn sweet incense thereon every morning; when he dresses the lamps, he shall burn it.
Exodus 35:8
oil for the light, spices for anointing oil and for the aromatic incense;

General references

Numbers 7:19
He offered for his offering one silver charger, the weight thereof was one hundred and thirty shekels, one silver bowl of seventy shekels, after the shekel of the sanctuary; both of them full of fine flour mingled with oil for a present;