Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


But the man that is clean, and is not in a journey, and forbeareth to keep the passover, even the same soul shall be cut off from among his people: because he brought not the offering of the LORD in his appointed season, that man shall bear his sin.


Bible References


Numbers 15:30
And the soul which shall do with a high hand, from the native, and from the stranger, it reproaches Jehovah, and that soul was cut off from the midst of its people.
Numbers 19:13
All touching upon the dead, upon the soul of man which shall die, and shall not be purified, defiled the dwelling of Jehovah; and that soul was cut off from Israel: for the water of uncleanness was not sprinkled upon him, he shall be unclean; his uncleanness yet upon him.
Genesis 17:14
And the uncircumcised male which shall not be circumcised in the flesh of his uncircumcision, and that soul shall be cut off from its people: he broke my covenant
Exodus 12:15
Seven days ye shall eat unleavened; wholly in the first day shall ye turn away leaven in your houses; for all eating leavened and that soul was destroyed from Israel from the first day even to the seventh day.
Leviticus 17:4
And at the door of the tent of appointment brought it not in to bring near an offering to Jehovah before the dwelling of Jehovah, blood shall be reckoned to that man: he shed blood; and that man was cut off from the midst of his people:
Hebrews 2:3
How shall we escape, having neglected such great salvation; which at the beginning taken to be spoken by the Lord, by them having heard was made firm to us;
Hebrews 6:6
And having fallen, again to renew to repentance; crucifying to themselves the Son of God, and exposing to ignominy.
Hebrews 10:26
For we sinning voluntarily after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there is left no more a sacrifice for sins,
Hebrews 12:25
See that ye refuse not him speaking. For if they escaped not, having refused him giving an intimation of the divine will on earth, much more we, who having turned back from him from the heavens:


Numbers 9:2
And the sons of Israel shall do the passover in its appointment