Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


But I trust in the Lord that I also myself shall come shortly.

Bible References

General references

Philippians 2:19
I am hoping, however, in the Lord Jesus - Timothy, shortly, to send unto you, in order that, I also, may be of cheerful soul, when I have ascertained the things that concern you.
Philippians 1:25
And, of, this, being assured, know that I shall abide, - yea abide with you all, for your advancement, and the joy of your faith;
Romans 15:28
This, then, having completed, and sealed unto them this fruit, I will come back by you unto Spain: -
Philemon 1:22
At the same time, moreover, be also getting ready for me, a lodging; for I am hoping that, through your prayers, I shall be granted as a favour unto you.