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So are the ways of every one that is greedy of gain; which taketh away the life of the owners thereof.

General references

Bible References


Proverbs 15:27
The one who profits dishonestly troubles his household,
but the one who hates bribes will live.
Proverbs 23:3
don’t desire his choice food,
for that food is deceptive.
2 Samuel 18:11
“You just saw him!” Joab exclaimed. “Why didn’t you strike him to the ground right there? I would have given you 10 silver pieces and a belt!”
2 Kings 5:20
Gehazi, the attendant of Elisha the man of God, thought: My master has let this Aramean Naaman off lightly by not accepting from him what he brought. As the Lord lives, I will run after him and get something from him.
Jeremiah 22:17
But you have eyes and a heart for nothing
except your own dishonest profit,
shedding innocent blood
and committing extortion and oppression.
Micah 2:1
Woe to those who dream up wickedness
and prepare evil plans on their beds!
At morning light they accomplish it
because the power is in their hands.
Micah 3:10
who build Zion with bloodshed
and Jerusalem with injustice.
Habakkuk 2:9
Woe to him who dishonestly makes
wealth for his house
to place his nest on high,
to escape from the reach of disaster!
Acts 8:19
saying, “Give me this power too, so that anyone I lay hands on may receive the Holy Spirit.”
1 Timothy 3:3
not addicted to wine, not a bully but gentle, not quarrelsome, not greedy
1 Timothy 6:9
But those who want to be rich fall into temptation, a trap, and many foolish and harmful desires, which plunge people into ruin and destruction.
James 5:1
Come now, you rich people! Weep and wail over the miseries that are coming on you.
2 Peter 2:3
They will exploit you in their greed with deceptive words. Their condemnation, pronounced long ago, is not idle, and their destruction does not sleep.


Job 31:39
if I have consumed its produce without payment
or shown contempt for its tenants,
Ecclesiastes 5:13
There is a sickening tragedy I have seen under the sun: wealth kept by its owner to his harm.

General references

Proverbs 1:13
We’ll find all kinds of valuable property
and fill our houses with plunder.

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