Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


The desire of a man is his kindness: and a poor man is better than a liar.

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Bible References


1 Chronicles 29:2
Now as far as I am able, I have made ready what is needed for the house of my God; the gold for the things of gold, and the silver for the silver things, and the brass for the brass things, iron for the things of iron, and wood for the things of wood; beryls and jewels to be framed, and stones of different colours for ornament; all sorts of stones of great price, and polished building-stone, as much as is needed and more.
2 Chronicles 6:8
But the Lord said to David my father, You did well to have in your heart the desire to make a house for my name:
Mark 12:41
And he took a seat by the place where the money was kept, and saw how the people put money into the boxes: and a number who had wealth put in much.
Mark 14:6
But Jesus said, Let her be; why are you troubling her? she has done a kind act to me.
2 Corinthians 8:2
How while they were undergoing every sort of trouble, and were in the greatest need, they took all the greater joy in being able to give freely to the needs of others.


Proverbs 19:1
Better is the poor man whose ways are upright, than the man of wealth whose ways are twisted.
Job 6:15
My friends have been false like a stream, like streams in the valleys which come to an end:
Job 17:5
As for him who is false to his friend for a reward, light will be cut off from the eyes of his children.
Psalm 62:9
Truly men of low birth are nothing, and men of high position are not what they seem; if they are put in the scales together they are less than a breath.
Titus 1:2
In the hope of eternal life, which was made certain before eternal time, by the word of God who is ever true;

General references

Proverbs 28:6
Better is the poor man whose ways are upright, than the man of wealth whose ways are not straight.

Basic English, produced by Mr C. K. Ogden of the Orthological Institute - public domain