Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape.

Bible References


Proverbs 19:9
A witness of falsehoods shall not be unpunished, and he breathing out lies shall perish.
Proverbs 6:19
A witness of falsehood, breathing out lies, and sending strife between brethren.
Proverbs 21:28
A witness of lies shall perish: and a man hearing, shall speak clearly.
Exodus 23:1
Thou shalt not take up a false report: thou shalt not put thy hand with the unjust one to be a witness of wrong.
Deuteronomy 19:16
If a witness of wrong shall rise up against a man to testify apostasy against him;
Psalm 120:3
What shall be given to thee? and what shall be added to thee, thou tongue of deceit?
Daniel 6:24
And the king said, and they brought these men that ate up Daniel piece meal, and cast into the lion's den, them, their sons, and their wives; and they not down to the bottom of the den even till the lions had power over them, and they broke all their bones in pieces.


Deuteronomy 5:11
Thou shalt not lift up the name of Jehovah thy God for evil, for Jehovah will not acquit whoever shall lift up his name for evil.
1 Kings 2:9
And now thou shalt not let him go unpunished; for thou a wise man, and thou knowest what thou wilt do to him; and bring down his gray hairs with blood to hades

General references

Genesis 39:17
And she will speak to him according to these words, saying, The Hebrew servant which thou broughtest to us, came in to me to mock me.
Deuteronomy 5:20
And thou shalt not speak false testimony against thy friend:
Proverbs 14:5
A witness of faithfulnesses will not lie: and a witness of falsehood will breathe out lies.