Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References


Song of Songs 8:12
My vineyard, which is mine, is before me. Thou, O Solomon, shall have the thousand, and those who keep the fruit of it, two hundred.
1 Corinthians 9:7
Who ever enlists in an army at his own wage? Who plants a vineyard and does not eat from the fruit of it? Or who feeds a flock and does not eat from the milk of the flock?


Proverbs 17:2
A servant who deals wisely shall have rule over a son who causes shame, and shall have part in the inheritance among the brothers.
Proverbs 22:29
See thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before obscure men.
Genesis 24:2
And Abraham said to his servant, the elder of his house, who ruled over all that he had, Put thy hand, I pray thee, under my thigh.
Genesis 39:2
And LORD was with Joseph. And he was a man who succeeds. And he was in the house of his master the Egyptian.
Exodus 24:13
And Moses rose up, and Joshua his minister, and Moses went up onto the mount of God.
2 Kings 3:11
But Jehoshaphat said, Is there not here a prophet of LORD, that we may inquire of LORD by him? And one of the king of Israel's servants answered and said, Elisha the son of Shaphat is here, who poured water on the hands of Elijah.
2 Kings 5:2
And the Syrians had gone out in bands, and had brought away captive out of the land of Israel a little maiden, and she waited on Naaman's wife.
Mark 10:43
But it is not so among you. Instead, whoever may want to become great among you, will be your helper,
Acts 10:7
And when the heavenly agent speaking to Cornelius departed, having called two of his housemen, and a devout soldier of those who personally served him,
Colossians 3:22
Bondmen, obey in all things those masters according to flesh, not in eye-service as men-pleasers, but in simplicity of heart, fearing God.

Shall be

1 Samuel 2:30
Therefore LORD, the God of Israel, says, I said indeed that thy house, and the house of thy father, should walk before me forever, but now LORD says, Be it far from me, for those who honor me I will honor, and those who despise me
Psalm 123:2
Behold, as the eyes of servants to the hand of their master, as the eyes of a maid to the hand of her mistress, so our eyes [are] to LORD our God, until he has mercy upon us.
Matthew 24:25
Behold, I have foretold it to you.
Matthew 25:21
And his lord said to him, Well, good and faithful bondman. Thou were faithful over a few things, I will appoint thee over many things. Enter thou into the joy of thy lord.
Luke 12:37
Blessed are those bondmen whom the lord when he comes will find watching. Truly I say to you, that he will gird himself, and will cause them to sit down, and having come, will serve them.
John 12:26
If any man serves me, let him follow me, and where I am, there my helper will also be. And if any man serves me, the Father will value him.
1 Peter 2:18
Household servants, submitting to the masters with all fear, not only to the good and gentle, but also to the wayward.