Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References

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Proverbs 2:10
When wisdom entereth thy heart, and, knowledge, to thy soul, is sweet,
Proverbs 22:18
For sweet shall they be, when thou shalt keep them in thine inmost mind, they shall fit well together, upon thy lips.
Psalm 19:10
More desirable, than gold, yea than much fine gold, Sweeter, also than honey, or than droppings from the comb.
Psalm 63:3
Because better is thy lovingkindness than life, My lips, aloud shall praise thee!
Psalm 112:1
Praise ye Yah! How happy is the man who revereth Yahweh, In his commandments, delighteth he greatly;
Psalm 119:14
In the way of thy testimonies, have I rejoiced, Like as over all riches.
Matthew 11:28
Come unto me! all ye that toil and are burdened, and, I, will give you rest:


Psalm 25:10
All the paths of Yahweh, are lovingkindness and faithfulness, to such as keep his covenant, and his testimonies.
Psalm 37:11
But, the patient oppressed-ones, shall inherit the earth, and shall delight themselves over the abundance of prosperity.
Psalm 119:165
Blessing in abundance, have the lovers of thy law, and nothing to make them stumble.
Isaiah 26:3
A purpose sustained, thou wilt guard, saying , Prosper! Prosper! Because in thee, hath he been led to trust.
Isaiah 57:19
Creating the fruit of the lips - Prosperity! Prosperity! For him that is far off and for him that is near saith Yahweh, So should I heal him.
Luke 1:79
To shine on them who, in the darkness and shade of death, are sitting, to guide our feet into a way of peace.
Romans 5:1
Having, therefore, been declared righteous by faith, let us have, peace, towards God, through our Lord Jesus Christ, -
Philippians 4:8
For the rest, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are dignified, whatsoever things are righteous, whatsoever things are chaste, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, - if there be any virtue, and if any praise, the same, be taking into account;

General references

Proverbs 16:16
To acquire wisdom, how much better than gold! and, to get hold of understanding, more choice than silver!