Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References

I be full

Deuteronomy 6:10
And it was when Jehovah thy God shall bring thee in to the land which he sware to thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaak and to Jacob, to give to thee cities great and good which thou didst not build,
Deuteronomy 8:10
And thou atest and wert satisfied, and didst bless Jehovah thy God for the good land which he gave to thee.
Deuteronomy 31:20
For I shall bring him to the land which I sware to his fathers, flowing milk and honey; and he ate and was satisfied and was fat, and turned to other gods, and they served them and despised me and brake my covenant
Deuteronomy 32:15
And Jeshurun will be fat and will tread down: Thou wert fat, thou wert thick, thou wert covered; And he will reject God having made him, And he will despise the Rock of his deliverance.
Nehemiah 9:25
And they will take inaccessible cities, and a fat land, and they will inherit houses full of all good, and wells hewed out, vineyards and olive trees, and the tree of food for abundance: and they will eat and be filled, and be fat, and will live delicately in thy great goodness.
Job 31:24
If I set gold my hope, and said to gold, My trust;
Jeremiah 2:31
O generation, see ye the word of Jehovah. Was I the desert to Israel? If a land of thick darkness? wherefore said my people, We had dominion, we will come no more to thee?
Ezekiel 16:14
And a name went forth to thee among the nations in thy beauty: for it was perfected by my decoration which I put upon thee, says the Lord Jehovah
Daniel 4:17
The word by the decree of the watchers, and the saying of the holy ones is the question: for the reason that the living shall know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and to whom that he will, he will give it, and he will raise up over it the low of men.
Hosea 13:6
According to their pasture, and they will be satiated; they were satiated, and their heart will be lifted up: for this they forgat me.
Acts 12:22
And the people called aloud, The voice of God, and not of man.


Exodus 5:2
And Pharaoh will say, Who is Jehovah, whose voice I shall hear to send forth Israel? I knew not Jehovah, and also I shall not send Israel forth.
2 Chronicles 32:15
And now Hezekiah shall not deceive you, and he shall not stimulate you according to this, and ye shall not believe upon him: for not any God of any nation and kingdom was able to deliver his people out of my hand, and out of the hand of my father: much less shall your God deliver you out of my hand.


Proverbs 6:30
They will not despise a thief if he shall steal to fill up his soul; for he will be hungry.
Psalm 125:3
For the rod of the unjust one shall not rest upon the lot of the just; so that the just shall not stretch forth their hand in iniquity.

And take the name

Proverbs 29:24
He dividing with a thief, hates his soul: he shall hear cursing and shall not announce.
Exodus 20:7
Thou shalt not take the name of Jehovah thy God in vain: for Jehovah will not cleanse him who shall take his name in vain.
Leviticus 5:1
And when a soul shall sin, and he heard the voice of an oath, and he a witness, if he saw or knew; if he shall not announce, he bore his sin.
Matthew 26:72
And again he denied with an oath, That I know not the man.

General references

Deuteronomy 8:11
Watch to thyself lest thou shalt forget Jehovah thy God, not watching his commands and his judgments and his laws which I command thee this day:
Job 31:24
If I set gold my hope, and said to gold, My trust;
Psalm 37:16
A little to the just one is good more than the wealth of many unjust.
Luke 16:4
I have resolved what I will do, that, when I should be removed from the stewardship, they might receive me in their houses.
1 Timothy 6:8
And having sustenance and covering, with these let us be contented.